White Caps Stand 4th in the Midwest League Eastern

Grand Rapids is home of West Michigan Whitecaps, Detroit’s minor league baseball team.

The White Caps have high potential for the 2017 Season, currently holding a 9-8 record.   Each game is supported by a promotion that can vary from School Kids Day to Salute to Craft Beer so be sure to mark your calendar.  May schedule with promotion below!


Wednesday, May 3rd – Silver Slugger Night

Thursday, May 4th – Altogas Thrifty Thursday

Friday, May 5th – Salute to Craft Beer, Tigers Blanket Giveaway

Saturday, May 6th – Girl Scout Night, Fireworks

Sunday, May 7th – Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital Family Day

Monday, May 15th – JQ99 Bulletin Night

Wednesday, May 17th – School Kids Day

Monday, May 23rd – Dime Dog Night

Monday, May 24th – School Kids Day

Thursday, May 25th – Altogas Thrifty Thursday




Upcoming Events in Grand Rapids

The Van Andel Arena, home of the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins, is the largest venue in Grand Rapids. With a capacity of 12,000+, this multi use arena is known for hosting concerts, sporting events and family shows.

This is where the largest productions are hosted in West Michigan since it’s opening act Neil Diamond in October of 1996. This entertainment house features Crown Amplifiers, ElectroVoice Speakers and IED signal processing. But don’t worry if you don’t have the Audio Visual Consultants to run the show, management supports the arena with backup equipment and service technicians for clients.

Check out the upcoming concerts coming to town:

Miranda Lambert: Highway Vagabond Tour March 19th
Lionel Richie With Guest Mariah Carey March 28th
Def Leppard featuring Poison & Tesla April 17th
West Michigan Hip Hop Festival April 22nd
Eric Church: Holdin’ My Own Tour May 11th
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill June 15th
Red Hot Chili Peppers June 25th

For more family focused fun, the arena is hosting Disney On Ice and Casting Crowns in March and May.

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream March 2nd-5th
Casting Crowns March 23rd
Gildas Laughfest: Katt Williams March 26th
Barley, BBQ, & Beasts 2017 May 20th
Monster Jam March 10th-12th

The Carbonite Black Switcher


News for 2017: Carbonite Developers created a mid-size switcher that delivers high-end production functionality and power, The Carbonite Black Switcher!   OncoreAV employees are actively installing this switcher for the local Grand Rapids, White Caps Baseball Stadium.



  • Is a 3 ME, compact 2 RU production engine that handles 1080P60 and 4k productions (with no third party products).
  • Redundant power that provides dual power supplies with both the control panel and production engine.
  • DVE functions, media stores, auxiliary buses, roll clip, macro names, advanced Chroma keying, and I/O capacity.
  • Continuous feature improvements via free software updates.
  • For more information check out the Brochure


  • Mid-size production switcher with intuitive panel ergonomics and production efficiencies that make it faster and easier to use for Audio Visual Consultants.
  • A strong metal body, high end multi purpose buttons and the Legendary Ross fader

Customer Service:

  • Ross annually receives among the highest ratings for customer support
  • Committed to production switcher development for 40+ years
  • Free lifetime technical advice by telephone and email


  • Carbonite can be used in a wide variety of production including Sports, Worship, Live events, Corporate, Education.

Hide Away Front of House Audio System

Our latest install proved to be important by making the most of a multi-purpose room in a simplistic way. Reverend Thomas Brackbill from First Presbyterian Church of Alma, approached us looking to update their existing system to a new and simple-to-use system that had great coverage for the room. Their existing system consisted of speakers mounted on poles and a single wireless lapel microphone, which could be moved and used by anyone using the space.

First, our crew had to view the space to determine the best design for the cost and efficiency they were seeking. After we had a plan, we focused on coverage of the room by safely suspending two JBL speakers powered by Crown CDi. We chose the CDi series because of the onboard DSP, in return helping us stay within their budget. The front of house location was established by a rolling Gator Case that housed the Soundcraft mixing console and four channels of Shure wireless microphones. By housing everything in this case, the FOH was kept small to ensure it could be tucked away in a closet or easily moved out of the way for maximum utilization of the room.

Church Audio, Audio Video, Video, AV, installation, church mixer, small, audio support

This system will serve their needs and is a great upgrade to their multi-purpose room, all while staying with the church’s budget.

A New Use for Aluminum Foil

Break Interference with Aluminum Foil: 

Recently, Oncore AV was hired to help manage the stage at a major outdoor music festival with 40,000 people in attendance. There were the usual challenges faced with outdoor venues, but there was one specific challenge that was unrecognizable until after the set up was in place.CellTowerTwo major wireless cell phone carriers installed temporary remote cell tower antennas in order to facilitate the large audience with their smart phones in a small concentrated area. While the team was setting up for these major national acts, the monitor engineer noticed a high-pitched noise in his ear monitors, but couldn’t nail down where the sound was coming from.

We determined that guitar amplifiers are highly vulnerable to these radio frequencies considering it’s an unbalanced device with a large open area that is unprotected against radio interference. In most cases, the interference is not recognized inside buildings due to the filters of brick walls, concrete or wooden structures that attenuate the high-frequency, high-pitched digital radio waves.

To stop the interference from the cell tower, we took a quick trip to catering to get a roll of aluminum foil and placed it between the cell tower and the amplifier, acting as a shield and the interference went around the amplifier itself. Although aluminum foil is an easy fix, it didn’t eliminate the sound completely. It definitely attenuated the interference of the amplifier by 20-30 dBs. This was unrecognizable to the in-ear monitor system and the multi-thousand watt sound system for the audience.

If we can hear this complication audibly, then the question should arise, where does the responsibility lie? For us, the solution was just as simple as aluminum foil, but for the public, there’s definitely a need for concern. Does the cell tower owner need to adjust its antennas, power level or positioning of the remote towers; or is it the responsibility of the amplifier owner and the sound company to protect its equipment from this interference? It’s up for debate, you decide, and leave your comments below!

Hitting a Home Run!


Fifth Third Ballpark is the home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, a Class A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Detroit Tigers. Our relationship with the Whitecaps stadium began in the fall of 2013 when Sam Ramos from Mediatrex contacted Oncore AV to consult with upgrading their video system.

The system that was originally created for the stadium was great for meeting their needs of multi-camera shoot, play back abilities and patch locations for local TV stations. As Oncore AV began to design and build a new system for the Whitecaps, they had an unfortunate fire in the winter that reached the multi-media suite. Thankfully, with the support from the community, the Whitecaps were able to successfully rebuild and continue their 2014 season uninterrupted.

The fire allowed Oncore AV to take a deeper look on what could be beneficial to their production. The accident forced the replacement of all cabling, including audio, video and any other interconnection going in and out of the video suite. This offered an opportunity to upgrade standard coax to 3 GB HD-SDI cable to interconnect their high-end Sony production equipment, as well as running interconnect to the TV truck location on the lower level. Upgrading the cabling gave Oncore AV technicians the ability to rebuild, re-wire and troubleshoot minor issues with the video system that the production staff dealt with in prior seasons. Having a ground approach as opposed to a full rework approach helped to give them a new highly functional system.


During a live game the production staff wanted camera shots of the players, coaches and dugouts; however, they did not have the available space for a camera fixture without being disruptive to staff and spectators. After collaboration and research, Audio Foundry installed pan, tilt, zoom, (PTZ) robotic cameras in each dugout. As an addition to the robotic cameras, technicians ran a full fiber optic link from the video suite to the center field camera location.

Since the 2015 season kicked off, both the Whitecaps Production Team and Sam Ramos from Mediatrex are satisfied with their full working video system that has created a long lasting relationship with Oncore AV. Their upgraded system now gives them access to new marketing materials such as streaming live social media feed along with the availability to have a full HD broadcast.

For more information about our services, please visit audiofoundry.com.

Our simplified solution for large church productions


With their large theatrical performances, Blythefield Hills Baptist Church in Rockford, Mich. began to experience difficulties with their analogue patch bay and their limited 72-input console. Oncore AV was approached by the Worship Arts Technical Director Don Hamblin with a vision of simplicity for their audio needs. Together, we focused on creating and installing a new system that no longer needed an analogue patch bay and increased their available inputs, while allowing for two board operators. We also hoped to achieve a versatility of work surfaces for the vocals, worship team and wireless microphones.

Oncore AV began the project by considering several manufacturers, but for the church we decided the Allen and Heath iLive products were ideal because it was the most cost effective, while still meeting all the ministry’s needs. We used an iLive-144 connected to two IDR-64 stage boxes that allowed 128 inputs to accommodate their 96 available input points in the sanctuary. The Allen and Heath ACE Network connected the surface and stage boxes on each side of the stage with a single Cat-5e cable. When the symphony is on-site, the stage right IDR has the option of being moved up to a separate location, which consists of all the inputs for the instrumentation.

During a large performance for Christmas or Easter, the church uses up to 48 wireless microphones. Facing this, we did not want to take away from the 128 inputs we currently set up for instrumentation. So we used the Allen and Heath IDR-48 connected to an iLive-T112 through the ACE Network and then connecting the outputs via Audinate Dante technology off port B of the IDR-48 and IDR-64 Slave. This gave them a full digital system with up to 176 inputs between the two systems. For personal monitoring they use a mixture of wedges and Aviom A-16II personal monitor systems. Having the D800-Dante from Aviom allows use of 16 outputs from either console while not using any of our 32 analogue outputs.

Between Hamblin’s vision of simplicity and versatility and our trained professional opinion, we believe this system will work smoothly for their large upcoming productions. Blythefield Hills Baptist Church will now have an easier understanding of how to incorporate numerous elements that engage well throughout the entire performance, making it less confusing by incorporating two separate surface boards.