White Caps Stand 4th in the Midwest League Eastern

Grand Rapids is home of West Michigan Whitecaps, Detroit’s minor league baseball team.

The White Caps have high potential for the 2017 Season, currently holding a 9-8 record.   Each game is supported by a promotion that can vary from School Kids Day to Salute to Craft Beer so be sure to mark your calendar.  May schedule with promotion below!


Wednesday, May 3rd – Silver Slugger Night

Thursday, May 4th – Altogas Thrifty Thursday

Friday, May 5th – Salute to Craft Beer, Tigers Blanket Giveaway

Saturday, May 6th – Girl Scout Night, Fireworks

Sunday, May 7th – Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital Family Day

Monday, May 15th – JQ99 Bulletin Night

Wednesday, May 17th – School Kids Day

Monday, May 23rd – Dime Dog Night

Monday, May 24th – School Kids Day

Thursday, May 25th – Altogas Thrifty Thursday




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